Reddit question: VC22450(A) Failure to Stop

Q: I read the 12 step guide and found out that most clerical errors will not get a ticket dismissed. The only discrepancy I noticed on my ticket is that the officer wrote the model of the car in the “make” section and wrote nothing in the model section. I understand this is a clerical error, but I have no other ideas on how to fight this ticket and increase the odds of getting it dismissed. If I go to court, is requesting deferred adjudication a good idea? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

A:¬†You can argue the officer’s point of view did not permit to see you come to a complete stop. You can argue that the officer’s view was obstructed. You can argue that you stopped behind the limit line, where the officer couldn’t see you. Etc. There are plenty of strategies as well as examples of how to use them on the Ticket Assassin.

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