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Paid Members:

The answers to most common questions are addressed on the site (like the Frequently Asked Questions page). If you’re a paid member, I’ll help you locate that information or simply answer your question and concerns; this is a members-only support service.

I get a great deal of mail and it’s only fair that I give priority to the paid members who support the site. Direct e-mail support concerning traffic tickets will only be extended to paid Ticket Assassin Members.

Paid members should contact me via their members-only e-mail address for a quick response. This address is sent to all paid members upon receipt of payment. Members use this priority address to receive prompt help and support.

Paid Members: PLEASE DO NOT use this email address to contact me. Use the higher-priority paid-members email address that is emailed to you when you pay.


Please register, submit your membership fee and I will promptly extend my support. Upon receipt of your registration fee, you will receive a members-only e-mail address. I cannot answer specific questions about your citation until you pay the membership fee and agree to the Terms of Service.

If you want to join but you have a nagging concern, send me your question here:

If you are not a member, I can’t promise a quick answer, just that you will receive an answer (probably within a week from one of my minions). I will only answer very general questions about contesting or questions about Ticket Assassin membership for non-members.