You CAN beat red-light camera tickets

Red Light Camera

Many motorists think it is impossible to beat a red-light camera ticket. A ticket arrives in the mail and there they are, right there, in the photo. Some of these tickets even have a link to watch a video!

There’s no getting around that, right?

Wrong. We’ve fighting and beating red-light camera tickets since the cyclopean cash machines started going up in 1996.

These tickets are beatable. You can beat yours.

There are a number of strategies to use to beat red-light camera tickets. We have been helping Ticket Assassin members fight their red-light camera tickets successfully, mostly without ever going to court. It’s all done through the mail.

An automated enforcement challenge is easy to write: anyone with a computer and a basic understanding of the English language can use our guides to challenge their red-light camera ticket with a declaration.

Fight your red-light camera ticket here.

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