Reddit question: been waiting for my decision

Q: I am currently fighting a ticket through trial by written declaration and it has been a while and im awaiting a decision over a month. Does this mean the officer submitted documents? Is there a way to know if the officer ended up submitting anything? I know the easiest way for dismissal is for them to do nothing which is why im asking.

A: You can follow the status of your case on the court’s website. Keep up on it because you have ONLY 21 days from the date of your verdict to file a Trial de Novo. I have seen cases where the court doesn’t notify the defendant of the guilty verdict, more than 21 days pass, and then it’s impossible to contest further.

You will not be told if the officer submitted any documents unless you file for discovery.
You will find out soon enough if the officer submitted an officer’s declaration: you’ll get your verdict, and likely not in your favor unless your declaration was super awesome, and perhaps not even then.

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