Reddit question: CVC 22102-SMSD

Q: Took a left turn into a parking lot drive and was literally pulled over on the parking lot by a cycle officer who wrote a ticket for an Illegal U-Turn in Business District. I have read the 12-step guide but am not sure what to write in my tbwd; to either ask for proving of case or write my own declaration. Any suggestions on how to handle this based on how often you see PD or Sheriffs claiming an illegal u-turn when turning into a business drive?

A: If your turn was 90 degrees or less, then it counts as a simple left turn. If it’s over 90 degrees, it can be seen as a u-turn. In a business district, the first one is legal, the second is not.

If you can show with overhead maps (Google Earth) your path, it should really help your case.

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