Reddit question: 100mph in 65 (35mph over) freeway

Q: 22349. I just got my First ticket I’m 26 yo. he said I was 103. he said he reduced to100mph in 65(1am) some guy was really close to my booty so I had sped up to gain distance. and it was dark so I didn’t slow down fast enough before passing CHP. He said I would get one point on my license. I am mostly concerned about my record. I will hire legal help. how bad is this situation? how difficult will this be able to fight? Thank you for any advise (read the 12 steps found my lawyer I want to work with)

A: A 22349 is a simple one-point ticket that you can dispatch with a Trial by Written Declaration.

Directions for how to do a Trial by Written Declaration are here. Access requires basic registration. The guides are free (sort of) but email support and some specific examples are available after a $25 contribution.

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