Columbus riased red light camera fees to pay for more police cars

Another nail in Redflex’s coffin. Or, at least, it should be. We shall see.

10 Investigates gets new documents showing profit drive of red light camera company

Lobbyist under FBI bribery investigation more involved than previously known

Columbus fought for additional ticket profit to buy more police cars.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – State lawmakers effectively banned Red light cameras this year. They believed the cameras were about making money for cities and companies through fines. Columbus city leaders including Mayor Michael Coleman and Council President Andrew Ginther defended the red light cameras for saving lives. Documents obtained by 10 Investigates show how there was a lot of focus on money.

When attempting to convince Columbus not to switch vendors in 2009, Redflex said the risk of dumping them was a “huge opportunity cost for (the) city to risk upsetting a well-run and profitable program.”

The city also fought to keep their share of the fine money high, saying they needed it to buy patrol cars and fund programs.

These people are the worst.



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