Patrick, how did you come to learn all this stuff about traffic law?

Question: Patrick, out of curiosity, how did you come to learn all this stuff about traffic law? Are you a law enforcement official or legal associate of some sort, or just some militant citizen ANGEL?


No cop. No lawyer. No angel. Citizen, yes. Militant, perhaps.

I’m an Irish rebel and Buddhist anarchist, born too late for the better revolutions.

I taught traffic school for six years and owned a DMV licensed school for 5 years. I started my own traffic school after my two idiot traffic school bosses pissed me off. I don’t know if “revenge” is a good reason to start a small business, but I am Irish.

Some 11,000 students with 11,000 questions later, I had had enough but did not want the information I’d learned to be lost forever. This led to, a monument to 5 wasted years that, in reflection, were not wasted at all. I decided to combine my ticket knowledge, English degree and writing skills to create a website for California drivers with ticket problems.

I teamed up with my friend, diabolical web designer Tim Wayne, to create a space where “sticking it to the man” would be our daily business and pleasure. The site was my revenge against the DMV and courts for playing God with my modest traffic school with their red tape and threats for 5 years. Neither liked that I would inform my students about their rights under the law. The bureaucrats at the courts and DMV wanted none of it and threatened to shut me down repeatedly.

Also, since any yahoo could start a traffic school, there were too many schools and not enough students to fill the classes. My advice: never get into a government regulated business unless you can make a pile of money—like car dealerships, bars and methadone clinics.

So after five years of tilting at windmills inside the “system”, I now use the vector of the Internet with a virus called “the truth” to make the court and DMV wish they had let me be. I hope to encourage so many people to contest that the traffic court system is eventually destroyed by the weight of too many written declarations. This is my second revenge-based business.

For more info, read about this site.

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