Do I have time to file discovery?

“The officer’s hand writing is barely legible but I believe I can make out the word LASER written down on the ticket with what I assume is an explanation. I want to be sure about what the officer used so I would like to file for discovery. From the way it is explained on the ticketassasin site, it doesn’t sound like I will have any time to file. It is also quite difficult to make out the officer’s name which could be a problem. I’ve already gotten 1 extension on this ticket, would it be possible to get another for the filling for discovery?”

Ticket Assassin says:

If I were you, I would file for discovery TOMORROW. Filing for discovery is explained here. Then I would go to court and ask for an extension to allow more time for the arresting officer to respond to your discovery request. People are usually granted up to two extensions without any grief from the court, so asking for one more should be fine. But GET ON IT.  DO NOT MISS ANY DEADLINES!

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