COPY below this line and PASTE it into your word processor (like Microsoft Word). Make sure you replace everything that’s written in RED with your own information.

Written Not Guilty Plea

To: Traffic Court Clerk

Date: [put today’s date]
Court Name: [put the name of the court you are sending this to]
Court Address: [put the address of the court here]
[and the city, state and zipcode of the court here]

Re: Written Not Guilty Plea for Citation # [put your citation number here], dated [put the date of your citation here].

Dear Traffic Court Clerk:

I hereby waive arraignment pursuant to Section 40519(b) of the California Vehicle Code and plead Not Guilty to violating CVC [put the vehicle code you are accused of violating here].

I request a Trial by Written Declaration pursuant to CVC 40902. I have enclosed a check for bail as required.



[after you print, sign above this line]

[print your name here]

Defendant in Pro Per

[put today’s date above this line]

Defendant’s Name: [put your name here]
Address: [put your address here]
[put your city, state and zipcode here]
Phone Number: [put your phone number here]

Don’t copy below this line